Foto-comparación: Conozca cómo fue la transformación de chama que sufrió acoso escolar
Agosto 4, 2018 -
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Una joven oriunda de Malasia conocida como Joanna Joseph, quien fue víctima de acoso escolar desde los 12 hasta los 16 años, ahora sorprende por su transformada apariencia física.


La adolescente, era tildada de “patito feo” por sus compañeros de clase, profesores e incluso familiares.


Fue hasta que Joanna cumplió 16 años cuando decidió dar un cambio radical a su vida, y empezó a correr dos horas diarias durante las noches en vista de que no podía costear un gimnasio. También modificó su dieta alimenticia.


Muchas personas cercanas a su entorno, al notar la transformación, comenzaron a tildarla de “drogadicta” sin embargo, Joanna hizo caso omiso a dichos comentarios.


“La intimidación nunca está bien. Fui víctima de un matón cuando estaba en la escuela primaria y secundaria. Mis maestros, amigos e incluso mi familia me intimidaban por mi tamaño. Me degradaron y me hicieron sentir mal por mi aspecto. La escuela secundaria fue una pesadilla para mí”, escribió la actual modelo a través de una publicación que compartió en Instagram.



Bullying is never okay. I was a victim of bully when I was in primary and high school. My teachers, friends, and even family would bully me for my size. They would downgrade me and make me feel horrible about the way I looked. High school was a nightmare for me. I was cyber bullied nearly everyday with fake accounts threatening to "expose" a picture of me that was not even me. I had my own friends updating horrible statuses about me calling me a "Stupid Fat Bieber fan" and getting their friends to join in the bully. A day before spm was my worst nightmare. I was home studying when my friends called me saying that my entire school wall on the outside was spray painted with mean things about me. And the next day I received a letter to my house from someone who was involved in the bullying saying that they were sorry.. the bullying never stopped in high school. It went on even when I was in college where people would bully and taunt me for being a "Transgender" just because of a big jaw, and once on twitter just because I imitated Justin bieber for a competition. I was honestly sad and depressed. I started staying away from people and self harming because I needed something to take the pain away. My parents knew. But they always reminded me to keep doing what I loved and to ignore all the haters. I didn't have anyone to confide in when I was being bullied back in school because my own friends would turn against me in the end. Only a handful stayed. It was the most difficult phases of my life, but eventually I decided to stay strong and keep pushing. If you are a victim of bully, always remember that bullies bully you because they are insecure of themselves and they want to make themselves feel better or "dominant". Tell someone or seek help and never let the issue prolong as something really bad could happen. Push aside the fear that you have, confide in someone you really trust. Bullying will never end, that's for sure. But we can always prevent it from happening by taking measures when it happens. I am also deeply saddened by the passing of Nhaveen. Justice will definitely be served. Rest in peace brother.

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Never let an old flame burn you twice. Photographer: @isaac_vijay

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